Zelensky: Ukraine’s Reconstruction is the Task of the Democratic World

Zelensky: Ukraine’s Reconstruction is the Task of the Democratic World

Ukraine’s reconstruction is a “common task of the entire democratic world,” said Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky. He made his statement via video link at an international conference in Switzerland for the recovery of his country.


The meeting in Lugano was already planned before the Russian invasion of Ukraine but was initially to be dominated by Ukrainian reforms. The conference should, among other things, set priorities for the reconstruction process that should start already during the war. According to Ukraine, 750 billion dollars are needed for a recovery plan.

Zelenski aims for “the most ambitious project of our time”. According to him, rebuilding his country contributes to world peace. He told political leaders, international organizations and the private sector that major investments are needed. Swiss President Ignazio Cassis, who co-hosted the conference with Zelensky, emphasized the importance of supporting Ukraine in these difficult times.

The two-day conference is attended by about a thousand people, including European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and the Prime Ministers of the Czech Republic, Poland and Lithuania. “We know that their fight is our fight too,” von der Leyen said at the event. “That is why these days we are helping Ukraine to win the war. We also need to make sure that Ukraine wins the peace that is sure to come.”

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