Yale University Sued for Favouring Black Students

Yale University Sued for Favouring Black Students

The government has sued Yale University for discriminating against whites and Asian Americans. The university favours Hispanic and Black Americans when admitting new students, according to the Justice Department.


The government had already warned the university about the lawsuit. At the time, Yale had said she would not stop the “lineage sensitive” application process.

The university ranks among the top private universities in the United States.

The lawsuit appears to be part of Trump’s campaign against university diversity policies. Higher education tries to tackle years of discrimination against the black community.

Two years ago, the Justice Department launched an investigation into Harvard University policy, and last month the Department of Education announced an investigation into Princeton University.

The government believes that Yale is violating civil rights by using ethnicity and origin as the ‘determining factor’ in hiring new students.

Yale says the admissions process is fair and lawful: “Yale’s admissions policy will not change based on this unfounded lawsuit. We look forward to defending our policy in court.”

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