Will a Mobility Scooter Fit in a Car?

Will a Mobility Scooter Fit in a Car?

Mobility scooters have become immensely common due to their excellent features. In addition, older adults often prefer using a mobility scooter to wander around parks and malls, allowing them to move freely without being dependent on their families.

With mobility scooters being large and heavy, people often wonder if they can fit inside cars. We, the answer to your question, is a big yes!

People with mobility cars easily carry this power-operated vehicle when going on a picnic or road trip. Users often say that mobility scooters have given them the freedom to roam around and enjoy life.

Scooters are pretty heavy and seem difficult to fit inside a car. However, it is not the case as Tzora Active system ltd offers lightweight, foldable mobility scooters that you can easily carry in a car or any public transport. There are multiple ways of fitting a mobility scooter in a car without putting your body under unnecessary strain.

Ways to Fit a Mobility Scooter inside the Car

Of course, there is no one perfect way of doing it. Here, we discuss different ways of fitting a mobility scooter inside the car.

Folding Scooters

The first way of fitting your mobility scooter inside the car is to go for folding scooters. Folding or boot scooters are models that easily disassemble to fit inside the vehicle. There is an extensive range of foldable scooters with different battery sizes, speeds, and weight features.

Detachable Scooters

Detachable scooters are also a great way to go portable. Even though they are expensive, every penny spent on these scooters is worth it. Also, since detachable scooters are convenient to transport and quick to disassemble and reassemble, they are perfect for older adults.


Suppose you have a larger scooter that does not easily pack inside the car, use a ramp to fit it. A few options are available in the markets that provide a smooth bridge to transfer your scooter inside the vehicle.


Another convenient way to transfer your mobility scooter inside the car is to use a hoist. You only need to press the button and leave the heavy lifting on the hoist. Choosing the correct type of hoist is essential and depends on the weight of your scooter and your car’s make.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

If none of these tips work invest in a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. These vehicles offer easy transportation of mobility scooters because of their unique design. The car comes with a folding ramp that allows the individual to ride inside the car’s boot while sitting on their scooters comfortably. In addition, their wheels trap down to stop the scooter from moving around, which reverses when you reach your destination.

The Bottom Line

These were a few helpful ways to fit your scooter inside the car without throwing out everything from the back of your vehicle to fit the heavy vehicle properly. In addition, you can choose any of the following: a foldaway ramp, folding scooters, easy disassembly, or a more permanent solution like a WAV or a hoist, as these help easy transportation of your mobility scooter.

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