WHO: If We Are Divided, the Coronavirus Will Exploit That Disagreement

WHO: If We Are Divided, the Coronavirus Will Exploit That Disagreement

In an initial response to the US decision to suspend World Health Organization funding, CEO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned that the virus would “exploit the cracks between us.”


He does hope that others will fill the financial deficits, but that seems very difficult given the significant contribution from the US.

It was the first briefing by the WHO Summit since President Donald Trump decided yesterday to suspend contributions to the organization.

According to Trump, it is under too much influence from China and is partly responsible for the spread of the virus.

Now is the time to be all united against the common enemy, the coronavirus

In his statement, WHO chief Tedros warned that the virus would “take advantage of the divisions.” However, he is convinced that his organization will continue to fight the virus. We are now investigating the financial impact of the US decision and consulting with our partners, he said.

We have been working for all people in all countries, big and small, poor or rich, since we were founded in 1948, and will continue to do so, Tedros said.

He did not rule out the possibility of mistakes being made, but they must then be investigated and corrected following the usual procedures. Striking: Tedros described the US as “a long and generous friend”, so he doesn’t shut the door on Washington.

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