White House Announces Global Corona Summit on May 12: End the Pandemic Permanently

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The White House is organizing a global summit on the corona epidemic on May 12. It announced that on Monday. The meeting also serves to prepare the world for other potential threats to public health in the future.


This virtual summit is chaired by the United States and Germany, Indonesia, Senegal and Belize. The latter countries currently lead the G7, G20, the African Union, and the Caribbean trade organization Caricom.

The aim is to mobilize additional efforts to end the pandemic. “We call on world leaders, civil society, NGOs and individuals to make new commitments and solutions to vaccinate the world’s population, save lives and build better protection around the world,” a joint press release said Monday. was distributed. At the same time, the aim is to better prepare the world for possible future pandemics.

This is the second global summit on the corona pandemic. On September 22 last year, US President Joe Biden hosted a similar event. He then pleaded for more efforts worldwide to be vaccinated against the virus.

The corona pandemic has already killed more than six million people worldwide and disrupted the global economy. However, according to the World Health Organization, the pandemic is still not over, and major outbreaks may still occur.

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