Volkswagen Factory in Spain has to Suspend Production Due to Protest from Truck Drivers

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The factory of the German car group Volkswagen in Pamplona, in northern Spain, has suspended production due to protests by truck drivers against the high diesel price.


“There is a shortage of parts. The measure is valid for one day and means that 1,438 vehicles cannot be built,” said a spokesperson.

The factory in the province of Navarra produces the Polo, T-Cross and Taigo models. According to Spanish media, other industrial companies and parts of the construction sector in Spain are also forced to limit their activities due to a shortage of supplies. In addition, deliveries of fresh food are also affected.

Until the protests, which started a week ago, had been called by a platform of freight transporters. Roads and distribution centres were blocked.

The umbrella organization of Spanish transport companies CNCT, to which the platform does not belong, has so far spoken out against the protest. But prior to a meeting with government representatives Monday, CNCT said that position could change if the government does not take “immediate” steps to ease price pressures caused by high fuel prices.

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