Verstappen Has Confidence in the Race in Bahrain

Verstappen Has Confidence in the Race in Bahrain

Max Verstappen is optimistic about the race on the Bahrain circuit in Formula 1 this weekend. “I am quite confident,”.


“We tested a few new parts, and that certainly felt positive. In the past, however, we as Red Bull have never really had a chance to win. Now, of course, I hope for that.”

The World Cup classification is of less importance to Verstappen. “Second or third, that doesn’t really matter to me. I think it is more important that we close the season with three positive races.” Lewis Hamilton already won the world title in the previous race in Turkey.

Verstappen finished sixth in Turkey. He spoke of a race to be quickly forgotten. “Sometimes you have those weekends when it just doesn’t work out.

Unfortunately, I was really looking forward to the Turkish Grand Prix. But we also had a lot of good moments this year. Hopefully, things will go smoothly here in Bahrain.”

In the run-up to the Bahrain GP, a corona infection has been detected in the Verstappen team. It is Jonathan Wheatley, sports director at Red Bull.

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