US will Allow Vaccinated Travellers from EU and UK from November

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Fully vaccinated travellers from the European Union and the United Kingdom will be welcome in the United States from “early November,” the White House said.


The strict travel policy that was introduced at the start of the corona pandemic is being relaxed. However, travellers must be tested after arrival and wear a mask.

Travelling to the US is currently virtually impossible for people who do not have a US passport or residence permit. However, there are some exceptions, for example, for immediate family members.

Brussels and London previously relaxed travel restrictions for travellers from the US, but vice versa, the relaxation for travellers from the EU and the UK has not been forthcoming. Later, non-essential travel from the US was again restricted.

The US has banned non-essential travel from the European Union for 18 months. EU ambassador Stavros Lambrinidis in Washington said he had recently lobbied hard against the travel ban.

The US authorities, meanwhile, extended the ban on non-essential overland travel from Canada and Mexico until October 21.

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