US Senator McCain Ceases Medical Treatment

US Senator McCain Ceases Medical Treatment

US Senator McCain ceases Medical treatment for a Brain Tumour. American senator John McCain of Arizona has decided to be no longer treated medically for his brain tumour.


The 81-year-old Republican politician, who frequently criticised President Donald Trump and co-voted with the Democrats, has been severely ill for a long time.

In July 2017, his illness was discovered, and in April he was operated.

“John has been going on for longer than anticipated,” his family tells Friday.

Because of the increasing severity of a tumour and his age, he decided to stop the treatment.

McCain has been representing Arizona for 35 years in the Senate and the House of Representatives.

In 2008 he was the presidential candidate on behalf of the Republicans, but he had to make it against Barack Obama.

The senator is known as someone with a strong opinion. He has had it many times with Trump.

That began when McCain spoke humorously in 2015 about Trump’s candidacy for the presidency.

Trump then said during the campaign that he did not consider McCain, a war hero.

During the war in Vietnam, McCain was a prisoner of war for 5,5 years as a fighter pilot.

“I love people who have not been captured,” Trump responded.

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