US President Donald Trump: I Paid Millions in Taxes

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US President Donald Trump has “paid many millions of dollars in tax,” he said in a new response to revelations from The New York Times.


The newspaper found that in ten of the past fifteen years he paid no income tax at all, partly because he gave up losing far more money than earning.

Trump had already dismissed the coverage as fake news and is now saying on Twitter that the information was obtained unlawfully and “with bad intent.”

In the years 2016 and 2017, Trump paid just $ 750 in income tax, according to the newspaper.

He said he was entitled “like everyone else” to deductions and other tax benefits. According to Trump, he has “very little debt compared to the value of assets.”

The New York Times found that Trump was deducting charges for his hairstylist, private jet, and criminal defence attorney, among others.

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