US Justice: Black Man’s Death Has Top Priority

US Justice: Black Man’s Death Has Top Priority

Investigating the death of black American man George Floyd Monday in Minneapolis has “the highest priority.”


The American justice announced this on Wednesday (local time).

The 46-year-old suspect was killed by brutal police action. This has sparked outrage in the US and even riots in several US cities.

Floyd was grounded by officers on his arrest Monday. A constable restrained him by pressing his knee on Floyd’s throat.

That took so long that he had to go to a hospital and died. Four officers were fired immediately after the incident.

His death sparked unrest, especially in Minneapolis. Numerous shops in the southeast of the city have been looted and set on fire, and an angry mob has attacked a police station.

According to American media, a store owner also shot and killed a man who wanted to loot his store. The local government calls on the protesters to remain peaceful, something that George Floyd’s family joins.

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