US Foreign Minister Pompeo Furious After New Missile Attack at an Air Force Base

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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo responds “furiously” to reports of a new rocket attack at an Iraqi airbase on Sunday. Three Iraqi soldiers were wounded in the attack on the Balad base, about 80 kilometres north of the capital Baghdad.


“Furious after reports of yet another rocket attack on an Iraqi airbase,” Pompeo tweeted. “I pray for a speedy recovery of the wounded and ask the government of Iraq to hold those behind this attack on the Iraqi people accountable, he added.

American soldiers are also stationed at the Air Force base in Balad, but almost all of them have left the base after the flaring crisis between Iran and the United States.

The past few weeks, near military foothills in Iraq where American soldiers are stationed, rockets have often hit, also in Balad.

The blaming finger is usually directed at Shiite militias who have ties with Iran. Like Tehran, they want the American troops to withdraw from Iraq.

The situation in Iraq has been very tense since the liquidation of Soleimani and an Iranian retaliation attack against military bases used by the Americans.

Shiite militias have announced retribution for the death of Soleimani and a senior Iraqi military leader, who also died in the American drone attack.

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