US and Allies Evacuate 21,600 People from Kabul in 24 Hours

US and Allies Evacuate 21,600 People from Kabul in 24 Hours

The United States and allies have evacuated 21,600 people from the Afghan capital Kabul in the past 24 hours. In addition, the US took 12,700 people on 37 military flights.


Allies picked up 8900 people on 57 flights. It is unclear which nationalities the evacuees all have.

The US wanted to remove up to 15,000 Americans from Afghanistan and tens of thousands more ex-employees or other people at risk from the takeover by the radical Islamic Taliban.

The operation is under pressure as US President Joe Biden wants to meet an August 31 deadline. Then the American withdrawal from Afghanistan must be completed. His allies hope to extend the operation and will discuss this at the G7 summit on Tuesday. However, the Taliban do not agree to an extension and want Western troops to leave by August 31.

According to US media, the director of the US intelligence agency, William Burns, has met with Taliban leader Abdul Ghani Baradar in Kabul. It’s not sure what the two talked about, but presumably, the evacuation operation and the deadline were the topics of discussion.

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