UN Wants $5 Billion for Emergency Aid in Afghanistan This Year

UN Wants $5 Billion for Emergency Aid in Afghanistan This Year

The United Nations wants to raise more than 5 billion dollars to combat the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan this year. It is the highest amount ever asked by the people’s organization for emergency aid to a country.


Since the takeover of the Taliban, a major humanitarian crisis has loomed in Afghanistan. According to the UN, a large part of the population is suffering from hunger, farmers are dealing with drought, and millions of children cannot attend school. In addition, more than 1.1 million children suffer from acute malnutrition.

About 22 million people in Afghanistan need help. Many Afghans have fled or want to flee the country. In addition, there are approximately 5.7 million vulnerable people from Afghanistan in five neighbouring countries. The UN also wants to help them, but that will require an additional $623 million.

The money is intended for dozens of NGOs and UN organizations. They can use it for, for example, food, care, emergency shelter, education and the means to get emergency aid to the right people. It is not the intention that the Taliban get their hands on the money. However, they also say that support is urgently needed.

The United States pledged more than $308 million on Tuesday. “The US remains committed to helping the people of Afghanistan,” said the US International Development Organization USAID.

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