UK in Mourning: Prince Philip Deserves the Affection of A Generation of Britons

UK in Mourning: Prince Philip Deserves the Affection of A Generation of Britons

The death of Prince Philip at the age of 99 has plunged the UK into deep mourning. “The Duke of Edinburgh has put his life in the service of our country.”


Buckingham Palace’s lunchtime statement, white lettering on a black background with Prince Philip’s portrait above, sparked a flood of support in the UK. “It is with great sadness that Her Majesty the Queen announces the death of her dear wife,” the report said. “This morning, he went peacefully to Windsor Castle.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson hailed Prince Philip for his official residence on Downing Street shortly after the announcement. “He deserves the affection of a generation in the UK, Commonwealth and around the world,” said a visibly moved Johnson. The duke received praise in the short eulogy to modernise and strengthen the monarchy after the Second World War.

The United Kingdom has lost an exceptional servant to the people,” said Keir Starmer, the opposition Labor party leader. “He dedicated his life to the service of our country — from an admirable career in the Royal Navy during WWII to his decades of service as the Duke of Edinburgh. Above all, he will be reminded of his extraordinary loyalty and devotion to the Queen.”

While lackeys hung flags at half-mast at Buckingham Palace, Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon of Scotland sent a message with the same warmth via Twitter. “I am saddened after hearing the news that the Duke of Edinburgh has passed away,” the politician wrote. “I want to convey my personal and heartfelt condolences, and that of the Scottish Government and people, to Her Majesty the Queen and her family.”

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