Uber Settles Case Against Google Subsidiary Waymo Over Theft of Company Secrets

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Uber has settled with Google subsidiary Waymo, which focuses on producing self-driving cars. The case revolves around Anthony Levandowski, a former Waymo employee who switched to Uber in 2016. He would have stolen company secrets from Waymo.


Levandowski confessed to the theft earlier and was sentenced to one and a half years in prison for this in 2020. However, he ultimately did not have to go to jail after then-President Donald Trump pardoned him. Google filed a claim with Levandowski, who has to repay a $120 million bonus. Including interest and legal costs, this amount rises to 180 million dollars. However, Levandowski filed for personal bankruptcy.

As part of the settlement that Uber has now reached with Waymo, the company will pay a significant portion of the $120 million that Levandowski still owed. It has also been determined that Waymo will still recover $ 25 million from Levandowski. Exactly how much Uber pays Waymo has not been disclosed.

It is not the first time Uber has had to pull out the wallet in the legal battle. In a civil lawsuit filed in 2018, Uber paid Waymo $ 245 million in shares.

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