Trump’s Witness to Impeachment Marks the End of His Career

Trump’s Witness to Impeachment Marks the End of His Career

Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, 45, a key witness in the impeachment investigation against President Donald Trump, is withdrawing from the United States military after more than 21 years of military service.


He concluded that his future with the armed forces “will be forever limited” due to political retaliation by the President and his allies, his lawyer told news channel CNN.

Vindman has gone through a “campaign of bullying, harassment and retaliation” led by the President following his testimony in the impeachment investigation last year, according to his lawyer David Pressman.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper said in November that Vindman should not fear retaliation for his testimony.

Trump fired Vindman as a Ukrainian expert with the National Security Council (NSC) in February and also cast aside his twin brother who worked as an NSC lawyer in the White House and also played a key role in the impeachment proceedings.

Reports had surfaced in recent weeks that the White House was trying to block Vindman’s imminent military promotion to the rank of colonel.

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