Trump Makes Nomination Speech At White House Anyway

Trump Makes Nomination Speech At White House Anyway

US President Donald Trump is presumably giving the speech accepting the nomination as a Republican presidential candidate at the White House.


He confirmed this in an interview with The New York Post.

“I’m probably speaking at the White House because it’s a great place. A place that makes me feel good and the country feels good,” Trump said. He also said that outside the building is room for “a large group of people”.

The decision to accept the nomination in the White House is a sensitive one. Critics, according to American media, find it inappropriate to organize a campaign activity in such a neutral location. However, government experts have said it is not illegal.

Trump previously envisioned Gettysburg as a possible location for the August 27 speech in addition to the White House. It was there in 1863 that the decisive battle of the American Civil War took place.

The president said he would like to do something later at that Pennsylvania location. “We’re going to do something great in Gettysburg, but only when it’s a bit cooler. Because on August 27 it’s pretty hot there.”

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