Top 10 Tips for Backpacking Thailand that You Need to Know

Top 10 Tips for Backpacking Thailand that You Need to Know

Thailand is a perfect destination for the new backpackers and travellers, it is situated among the south Asian countries and is the home to classic natural beauty, and alluring landscapes stretched across it in the form of islands and other sensual destinations.

Thailand has a little something to offer to everyone, and that is why it is the perfect spot for backpacking and hiking experience. That being said, the place is still a bit mysterious for the newcomers, and that is why they should be precautious in every way to make the most out of their trips.


Here are the top 10 tips that will help anyone willing to backpacking Thailand and live an exciting experience there:


1. Practice your bargaining skills
In Thailand, almost everything is negotiable, and the perfect way to master the skill of bargaining is to try it more often. Surely you will get ripped a few times, but with practice, you will get better with it. The most plausible way to turn the shopkeepers to agree with the price you are offering is to imitate that you are going to pay up and then immediately start to walk away. They will then take it as the price is too high and will offer you a more reasonable offer.

2. Book in advance for holidays and local events
Whether you are willing to visit Thailand via backpacking during the holidays or for a music festival, then you must make the bookings in advance because the chances are that you won’t be able to get in due to the unexpected crowd. Same goes for your hotel reservations and accommodations.

3. Join a Facebook group with other backpacking travellers
Being an international backpacking traveller is asking for companionship on the go and what better platform there is to turn to other than the social media itself. You should consider joining a Facebook group to stay in touch with a like-minded community and get the best of your trip.

4. Street food and your budget
If you are a new backpacker then keeping your budget intact must be your first and foremost priority and you can do that by visiting the street food vendors now and then. Not because they are cheap, but also it will give you an eccentric traditional feel.

5. Keep yourself hydrated
Surrounded by too much fine and a live audience, anyone can lose track of their vitals and therefore feeling a little dizzy and getting thirsty is very common. Treat yourself with fresh coconut water and fruit smoothies to keep yourself hydrated and stay healthy throughout your trip.

6. Pack light while travelling
This is extremely important to understand that when you are backpacking through Thailand you will come across a variety of places such as islands and beaches and hopefully you will be spending much of your time there. That is why pack light and feel even lighter while trying to explore Thailand.

7. Have some sunscreen
In every island hopping tours Thailand, you will come to know that Thailand has extremely unpredictable and hot weather. It is raining this moment, and the next sun is up with its full blaze that is why always pack a sunscreen with you.

8. Visit a music festival
To make the most out of your trip, you should go and visit a music festival. For the diversity, the magnificent beauty and that sweet taste of music that you will get to hear will make your trip complete.

9. Island Hopping tours
If you can easily afford it, then you must sign up with an island hopping tours Thailand as they will help you get a complete experience out of your trip to Thailand. They are incredibly affordable and perfect for the money you have to spend over them.

10. Stay in a destination for 4-5 days
It is vital given a chance to explore a place fully and unearth its beauty and fascinating glamour that you must stay over a destination for about 4-5 days and enjoy your stay.

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