Tobacco Giants in the Queue at FDA Round Vaping Capsules

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Tobacco Giants in the Queue at FDA Round Vaping Capsules. American tobacco giants stand in line to get approval for their vaping capsules for e-cigarettes with different flavours.


Market regulator FDA introduced a temporary ban on those products on Thursday, except for mint and tobacco flavour. Tobacco companies can submit applications until May to receive the green light for future sales.

British American Tobacco is pleased with more transparent policies regarding vaping capsules, which contain a nicotine-containing liquid.

The company expects all its vaping products to get the green light from the FDA. Industry companion Imperial Brands is planning to submit its application for the deadline in May.

Companies must make clear in their application that their vaping capsules are not intended for minors or young smokers.

Especially that group of people in the United States practice vape and has a preference for all kinds of flavours such as various fruits and other sweets.

But e-cigarettes have regularly been in the news in the last year, mainly due to indications that they would cause mysterious lung disease.

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