The Smartphone is King During the Coronavirus Crisis

The Smartphone is King During the Coronavirus Crisis

The mobile phone is now the most popular device over the generations. This should be evident from a study by Deloitte.


The corona crisis has spawned a new breed of digital consumer. The consultant writes this in response to his Digital Consumer Trends 2020, a study by Deloitte among 35,150 respondents worldwide, including 2,000 in Belgium. That consumer prefers his or her smartphone, even when he is at home with all those other devices.

Before the lockdown, people were already using their smartphones mainly for media and entertainment, but now they also prefer to check social media or banking matters, for example.

It is striking that this shift to mobile is now happening for all generations. Younger generations have long been devoted to their smartphones, but people over 65 are now also moving in that direction.

Fifty-two percent of the Belgian respondents are convinced that they used their smartphone a lot more during the lockdown. “Habits and perceptions have changed,” said Vincent Fosty, Technology, Media and Telecommunications Industry Leader at Deloitte Belgium.

“We don’t know yet if the trends revealed or accelerated by the crisis will continue, but they are likely to affect consumer behaviour for years to come.”

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