The Oldest Woman in Spain (113) Survives Coronavirus

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In Spain, a 113-year-old woman has been declared cured of the disease COVID-19, caused by the new coronavirus.


María Branyas is not just any woman, she is the oldest woman in Spain. And now also the oldest cured corona patient in Spain and possibly worldwide.

That the new coronavirus and the disease caused by the virus COVID-19 are sometimes unpredictable has been proven once again.

The disease is mainly fatal to older people, but a 113-year-old Spanish woman has recovered from an infection. María Branyas is also considered the oldest woman in Spain.

Now she is also the oldest Spaniard to survive COVID-19. And possibly the oldest cured corona patient in the world.

Centuries ago had already been declared healed in other countries, such as in the United Kingdom and also in our country. But María Branyas may be the oldest of all at 113.

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