The Number of Corona Infections in Europe is Rising Again for the First Time in Months

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The number of daily corona infections in Europe is rising again for the first time in months. This continent has more than 2.5 million infections.


Hans Kluge, Director of the European branch of the World Health Organization (WHO), confirmed this today.

The European share of the number of infections worldwide has fallen compared to earlier this year, yet nearly 20,000 new European cases and more than 700 deaths are recorded daily.

Since last week, the number of infections in Europe has risen again, for the first time in months, and this is especially the cause of concern at WHO.

“I warned for weeks about a flare-up if countries were to adjust their measures,” Kluge announced during a digital press moment today.

The increase was observed in thirty European countries. In addition, in 11 countries, there has been a significant increase in the reproduction rate over the past two weeks. “If we don’t get that under control, European health care will be heavily taxed again,” Kluge said.

The WHO Europe Director acknowledges that new outbreaks have occurred in Poland, Germany, Spain and Israel in new epidemics in schools, mines and the food industry.

Testing is also increasing in many countries, which means that the number of known infections automatically increases.

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