The French Make Massive Appointments for an Extra Corona Shot

The French Make Massive Appointments for an Extra Corona Shot

Residents of France are making massive appointments for an extra corona shot now that it has been decided that people over 65 need a booster shot to keep their vaccination certificate.


The corona pass is mandatory in many places in France, such as the catering industry, hospitals, cinemas and museums.

The leading booking platform reports that almost 150,000 appointments have been scheduled for Thursday. This happened in particular during and after President Emmanuel Macron’s speech Tuesday evening. He announced that from December 15th, people over 65 must have a booster shot for a valid pass.

Because stricter measures were already expected in the run-up to Macron’s speech, tens of thousands more people than usual made an appointment for vaccination on Monday. In recent weeks, an average of 50,000 booster shots was administered per day.

In France, only people over 65 and a number of other vulnerable groups can now receive an extra dose of a corona vaccine. In mid-December, the age limit will be lowered to 50 years. Of the 7.7 million older people who are already eligible for it, about 3.8 million have already had their shot.

Macron on Tuesday called on the entire French people to vaccinate against Covid-19. There are roughly 6 million people in the country who have not yet had a single corona shot. In France, 87 percent of the population from the age of 12 is fully vaccinated. However, the president warned that the pandemic is not over and that more and more infections are being identified.

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