The European Commission Approves Purchase of 160 Million Doses of Moderna Vaccine

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The European Commission approves the purchase of up to 160 million doses of Moderna’s promising corona vaccine.


It is the sixth possible vaccine that the EU has gotten its hands-on, says committee chair Ursula von der Leyen.

The US-made vaccine protects nearly 95 percent of subjects, according to initial findings from the latest tests, and expectations have been high ever since.

The contract that the committee signs with Moderna is therefore “good news”, says von der Leyen. “This vaccine can be very effective against Covid-19.”

The European Medicines Agency may conditionally authorize the Moderna vaccine and a German-American vaccine “as early as the second half of December,” von der Leyen estimated last week.

Provided they are indeed safe and work well. She immediately warned that only small batches would be delivered at first.

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