Team Navalny Only Wants Spontaneous Demonstrations

Team Navalny Only Wants Spontaneous Demonstrations

The team of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny wants to stop announcing demonstrations. Followers should limit themselves to spontaneous actions, close associate Leonid Volkov wrote on social media.


Navalny supporters have demonstrated massively against his arrest and imprisonment in recent months. Volkov said 1,700 arrests had been made in protests last month alone. It had been known days before that they would take place.

The opposition member says that President Vladimir Putin has shown that he wants to take stricter action against demonstrations increasingly. Volkov, who himself lives abroad, says there is still plenty of reason to take to the streets. He mentioned corruption, economic stagnation and the fact that Putin is still in power.

Outspoken Kremlin critic Navalny has now been detained for 115 days. His lawyers have now announced that they want to take the prison service to the court. When visiting the penal colony with the politician, they are no longer allowed to bring cell phones or laptops.

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