Taliban Order Shop Owners to Behead Mannequins

Taliban Order Shop Owners to Behead Mannequins

The Taliban regime has ordered shop owners in western Afghanistan to behead mannequins. The mannequins violate Islamic laws, the Taliban believe.


Their new regime has not yet drawn up a national policy on mannequins and statues.

Initially, shopkeepers covered the heads of mannequins with, for example, scarves or plastic bags. This was not enough for the new rulers. A video has circulated on social media of men cutting dolls’ heads.

The Taliban are increasingly pursuing their strict interpretation of Islamic law. Recently, intelligence officials poured about 3,000 litres of alcoholic drink into a canal in the city of Kabul as a measure against alcohol sales.

The regime also restricts women’s rights. For example, soon after the takeover in Afghanistan, many women were no longer allowed to work, and many girls were no longer allowed to go to school.

The Taliban said last week that women should only travel long distances if they are accompanied by a close male relative.

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