Swiss Parliament Votes for Same-Sex Marriage

Swiss Parliament Votes for Same-Sex Marriage

The Swiss parliament voted in favour of same-sex marriage on Friday. Switzerland is one of the last European countries where same-sex marriage is not yet allowed.


The conservative Christian party Federal Democratic Union has already announced that it does not agree with the decision and is going to call for a referendum. That means that the Swiss people make the final decision.

The law to approve same-sex marriage dates from 2013 and has since been discussed frequently in parliament. Friday, both chambers finally passed the law.

Currently, same-sex people can apply for a registered partnership in Switzerland, but it does not give them the same rights as a married couple.

For example, people with a partnership are not allowed to adopt children, and they do not have the right to apply for citizenship. The new law provides that lesbian couples may also receive sperm donation and thus have children.

The Swiss LGBTI + community welcomed the news. They also look forward to a possible referendum with confidence. “We have 82 percent of the population behind us,” said the National Committee on Marriages for All.

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