Sweden Lifts Almost All Corona Measures

Sweden Lifts Almost All Corona Measures

Sweden will lift almost all corona measures in the country next week. Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson made this official on Thursday after Swedish media reported the relaxations a day earlier.


After Tuesday, the mouth mask advice in public transport and the maximum group size for indoor events will expire. Restaurants are allowed to stay open after 11 p.m. and no longer work with corona passes. “It’s time to reopen Sweden,” said the prime minister. She went on to say that the pandemic is not over yet, but is entering a new phase.

Andersson also said infection rates would remain high for the foreseeable future. “But as far as we can judge, the worst consequences of the infections are now behind us.” The omicron variant of the coronavirus has led to record numbers of infections in Sweden, but the pressure on hospitals remains manageable due to the milder course of the disease. Sweden also has a high vaccination rate, almost 84 percent of the over 12s are fully vaccinated.

The advice to stay at home with an infection does not expire, said health minister Lena Hallengren. During the press conference with Andersson, she also said that the health service will propose that the coronavirus no longer be regarded as a threat to society but will still be closely monitored.

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