Suspected Fatal Atlanta Shooting Denies Racist Motive

Suspected Fatal Atlanta Shooting Denies Racist Motive

The man who shot eight people in the American city of Atlanta, in his own words, had no racist motive. The police announced this after questioning the suspect.


Six of his victims were women of Asian descent.

The white man has admitted to being responsible for the shootings in a massage parlour and two spas, which he would have regularly visited.

“He claims his act is not racially motivated,” police said, emphasizing that the investigation is still in its early stages. The 21-year-old suspect has also said he has problems with sex addiction. “He wanted to eliminate his temptations.” Authorities believe he also planned to carry out shootings in the neighbouring state of Florida.

Vice President Kamala Harris called the shootings tragic and said that both she and President Joe Biden mourn the deaths. While the suspect’s exact motive is still unclear, she emphasized her solidarity with Asian Americans who are increasingly involved in hate crimes.

In the United States, racism against people of Asian descent has increased since the corona pandemic. More cases of racist violence are reported.

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