Spotify Adds A Podcast Tab To A Mobile App

Spotify Adds A Podcast Tab To A Mobile App

Spotify Adds a podcast tab to a Mobile App. Spotify has put more emphasis on podcasts in an update for the mobile app.


In a blog, the company explains what exactly has changed in the music app.

Users could already listen to podcasts via Spotify and subscribe to different channels.

These could be found under the Library button, but the music was always prominent at the top.

For podcasts, it was necessary to click through.

That has now changed; Spotify has created a separate tab for podcasts and separated them from music in the library.

Users can now easily see which episodes are new and can ‘tick off’ them so that they disappear from the overview.

There is also a separate overview of all downloaded episodes, which are therefore available offline.

Eventually, there is a tab with ‘Shows’, under which all podcast subscriptions can be seen.

To check the overview, tap Library and the Podcasts tab at the top.

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