Sophia Brad Plus Size Celebrity and Make-Up Artist Sends Out A Message on Body Image

Sophia Brad Plus Size Celebrity and Make-Up Artist Sends Out A Message on Body Image

Sophia Brad the famous Celebrity make-up artist, turned model and today body positivity influencer has a lot to express about spirituality and loving yourself. The famous make-up artist has launched a Podcast with producer and television host Amanda Van Annan and model/style guru Betsie Dsane.

The Podcast titled “Beauty and The Beat” is set to launch May 25th and talks about every aspect of body positivity, personal development, elegance and spirituality. Sophia is no stranger to mingling with high profile celebrities and her long list of celebrity clients include the likes of Tiger Lilly Taylor, Caroline Flack, Lydia Bright, Scarlett Mofat and Jennifer Siebel Newsom.



“I have been around the most beautiful women in the world and one thing I learnt from all this is that your true beauty only shines through when you can actually accept yourself fully. You could be the most beautiful woman in the world, but if you don’t love yourself you feel like nothing’’

Talking to Miss Brad, she is elated regarding the podcast as she can get her message across to thousands of women world-wide.

“I am enthusiastic about the podcast launch and teaming up with other women that are transforming the conversation in the beauty space and relating it to positivity, authenticity and personal development has become a lifetime goal”, says the buxom blonde who can be seen on her Instagram pushing the envelope in terms of body image and body positivity,

Sophia says her current goal is helping women obtain self-confidence to truly feel and look their very best. The podcast will be delivering practical tips and self-help instructions that anyone can use on their journey to self-realization.

You are able to listen to Beauty and the beat on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify and many other podcast platforms. Beauty And The Beat Launches May 25th.

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