Saudi Arabia Orders German Air Taxis and Cargo Drones for New Megacity

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German flying taxi maker Volocopter will provide aircraft for the Saudi Arabian city under construction Neom.


Neom has ordered ten flying taxis and five cargo drones to transport people and goods in the new city on the Red Sea over the next two to three years. Neom is also establishing a joint venture with Volocopter to develop ‘the first tailor-made system for public vertical mobility.

Saudi Arabia announced the construction of Neom in 2017. The megacity of 26,500 square kilometres will be located in the country’s extreme northwest, on the borders of Egypt and Israel.

The first phase of construction work is expected to be completed in 2025. The aim is for the city to run on the most modern and sustainable technology, not only in terms of mobility but also for the supply of energy, water and food.

Saudi Arabia does not want to use Volocopter’s technology only for logistical purposes. The German company’s vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft would also be used for emergency relief and tourism.

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