Russians Threaten UK With Radioactive Tsunami on National Television

Russians Threaten UK With Radioactive Tsunami on National Television

Yevgeny Buzhinsky, a retired Russian general, has uttered harsh language on Russian state television. If NATO troops ever set foot in Ukraine, Buzhinsky wants Putin to respond by firing an underwater nuclear missile at the United Kingdom.


With a 300-meter-high radioactive tsunami, the entire British island would be wiped off the map, or so the Russians claim.

Boezhinsky is, in addition to being a retired general, also chairman of the Russian Center for Policy Research and, therefore, not a small name in Russia. He made the threats during a debate on Ukraine’s military options on state broadcaster Rossiya 1.

“If NATO sends troops, we will use Poseidon on the UK. That underwater nuclear missile would cause a tsunami 300 meters high. After that, the country would no longer exist,” he said. The other participants in the debate joined him. “The island would completely drown in one fell swoop,” confirmed Margarita Simonjan, a journalist for Russian state television.

It is no coincidence that the war propagandists seem to be targeting the United Kingdom specifically. In recent months, the British have been at the forefront of logistical and material support to Ukraine.

In the same debate, Boezhinsky also mentioned that the new hypersonic missile Zircon is ready for use. With a speed of 10,000 km/h, the rocket is “unstoppable”, said the retired general. “It has been tested and is about to be used in combat operations.”

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