Research Agency: Women’s Interest in Games is Growing

Research Agency: Women’s Interest in Games is Growing

Interest in the Olympics is growing among women. According to research firm Nielsen Sports, 45 percent of women looking at the world’s largest economies are interested in sporting events. For men, that percentage is 48 percent.


The research also shows that the number of medals to be won between men and women is growing towards each other. Starting next week, 156 gold medals will be awarded in women’s sports at the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Among the men, there are 165. The International Olympic Committee has also introduced additional mixed events in which more women can win medals.

“The Olympics are a connecting moment where countries and athletes come together to participate in what is the world’s largest sporting event,” said Lynsey Douglas of Nielsen Sports. “While this year’s Olympics will be different from previous Games in many ways, the potential they offer to improve gender equality in sport remains critical.”

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