Red Cross Concerned About Clean Drinking Water in Eastern Ukraine

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The Red Cross is concerned about the drinking water supply in eastern Ukraine, as fighting has flared up there. According to the aid organization, essential water supplies have been damaged in recent days.


More than a million people and hospitals depend on these facilities, said Florence Gilette, head of the International Red Cross in Ukraine.

The Red Cross supports the local water company to repair the damage as quickly as possible. However, if that takes too long, the Red Cross can help with emergency solutions such as distributing clean drinking water from tankers.

The aid organization calls on all parties to respect international humanitarian law. This sets limits to warfare and protects civilians and aid workers.

Eastern Ukraine has been regularly fighting for eight years. As a result, rural communities have often had no access to water, gas or electricity. “The people are bearing the brunt of eight long years of conflict. We sincerely hope they don’t have to endure more suffering,” said Gillette.

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