Record Number of Votes for Joe Biden

Record Number of Votes for Joe Biden

Never before has a US presidential candidate received as many votes as Joe Biden this year.


According to The New York Times newspaper and Fox News, he has received about 72 million votes so far, while not all of the votes have been counted.

The old record was held by Barack Obama, of whom Biden was vice president for eight years. Obama received nearly 69.5 million votes in 2008. Four years later, he has re-elected thanks to the support of just under 66 million Americans.

Four years ago, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote with more than 65.8 million people. Still, due to the electoral system, she lost the election to Donald Trump, who received nearly 63 million votes. Trump is currently on about 68.5 million votes, which is a record for Republicans.

The fact that the candidate with the most votes does not automatically win is due to the electoral system. Americans don’t elect the president, but a college of 538 people elect the president.

Each state has several votes in it. Whoever gets 270 electors will become president. Biden is currently still a few votes short for the presidency.

In the electoral college, President Ronald Reagan holds the record firmly. In 1984 he won 525 of the 538 electoral votes. His Democratic opponent Walter Mondale only succeeded in his home state of Minnesota and in the capital Washington.

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