Prime Minister Johnson Has Everything Under Control

Prime Minister Johnson Has Everything Under Control

According to his spokesman, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has everything under control. He responded to reports in the media that the position of the head of government would be untenable due to the departure of several employees. According to the spokesman, they would leave the sinking ship, but that is not true.

On the contrary, Johnson is reorganizing in the turbulent time, and on Friday, he said goodbye to three employees who resigned their positions in good consultation. And he thanked them for their work.

The prime minister has been under fire for some time over a series of drinks and parties in government centres or official residences during strict lockdowns. Four close associates tendered their resignations on Thursday, including senior adviser and chief of staff Dan Rosenfield. The Chief of Staff is not an elected officeholder but generally a senior civil servant with close ties to the Prime Minister and is regarded as one of the most influential figures in Downing Street.

Two more Johnson employees resigned on Friday. Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, meanwhile, criticized Johnson’s bold and inaccurate statements about opposition leader Keir Starmer. British media see Sunak’s criticism and ‘the exodus’ of people close to the prime minister approaching the end of Johnson’s premiership. Johnson is also waiting for the results of a police investigation into violations of corona rules during parties. This could lead to fines and political failure.

The nearly 360 Conservative MPs in the House of Commons can replace the Prime Minister with another Conservative in a majority without elections.

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