President Trump Sets WHO Ultimatum, Otherwise, the US May Get Out

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In a letter to the WHO, President Donald Trump demands that the organization stop China’s dependence within 30 days.


Otherwise, he will permanently cease US contributions to WHO and the US may even leave the organization. However, Europe is not following Trump in this matter.

US President Trump has had a problem with the World Health Organization for some time. He had previously suspended US contributions, but that was temporary.

In a letter, he now threatens with permanent measures such as simply cutting contributions and even with a possible withdrawal of the US – the largest donor – from the WHO at a time when the world is experiencing one of the greatest epidemics of the past century.

In the letter, Trump blames the top of the WHO for being too much in the way of China and helping that country to cover up the outbreak of the epidemic.

That’s not new, but the letter also threatens that the suspension of US payments to the WHO could become permanent and that the US could even step out of the organization if “there are no substantial policy changes within 30 days. come from WHO “.

However, it is not clear what these changes should be in concrete terms.

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