President Trump Continues to Vehemently Dispute Results

President Trump Continues to Vehemently Dispute Results

President Trump has reiterated in a speech to a crowd of supporters before the White House that he does not recognize and does not give up the election results.


He called on Republicans in Congress and his deputy Vice President Mike Pence to stand up to electoral fraud. Supporters have been in large numbers in Washington since Tuesday night in protest at the forthcoming official endorsement of Joe Biden as the winner of the presidential election.

Things remained generally quiet with just six arrests in incidents on Tuesday night, according to US media.

The Republican Party won the election in November, according to Trump. But according to him, the ballot box has been tampered with in hotly contested swing states to help the Democrats to a victory fraudulently.

In some states, for example, rules on voting have been changed without the approval of the parliament of the state that should have regulated this in the electoral law. According to Trump and his supporters, the entire election will be invalid.

At the seat of parliament, the Capitol, Democrat Joe Biden must be formally confirmed as the winner of the election on Wednesday. Pence has a ceremonial role in this. He informs parliamentarians what the electors have voted, making Biden’s election victory official.

Trump again called on Pence to sabotage that. According to observers, an impossible task for a vice president with a ceremonial role. But members of Congress with objections can significantly delay the ceremony.

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