Portugal Takes Measures After an Increase in Corona Cases

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Portugal is taking measures after a rapid rise in the number of corona cases. Holidaymakers who want to stay in a hotel or other accommodation need a negative corona test, a vaccination certificate or a document that they have recovered.


The rule also applies if you want to eat inside a restaurant on Friday evening or at the weekend in municipalities with a high risk of corona infection, such as the capital Lisbon and the second city of Porto. Again, you can use the European Union digital certificate as proof. Rapid tests are available in hotels.

In addition, the curfew, already in place in 45 municipalities, will be extended to another 15 municipalities, including Faro in the Algarve, which is popular with tourists.

With its 10 million inhabitants, Portugal counted more than 3000 new infections on Thursday, primarily among unvaccinated young people. In the meantime, the infections are again numbers that were also registered in February, when a strict lockdown was in force in Portugal.

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