Pop Group BTS with President Biden on Anti-Asian Racism

Pop Group BTS with President Biden on Anti-Asian Racism

South Korean pop group BTS will visit the White House, the US president’s official residence, on Tuesday to do something about anti-Asian racism.


President Biden and BTS’s K-pop superstars will discuss “the importance of diversity and inclusion,” the White House reports. The aim is for the BTS members to act as youth ambassadors to spread the message of hope and positivity around the world.

Biden has already spoken out about his commitment to combat violence against Asian Americans in his country. Last year, he signed a bill giving law enforcement officers the tools to fight, investigate and report hate crimes. It also made information about this crime more accessible to communities affected by it.

BTS previously partnered with UN children’s organization UNICEF for Love Myself, a campaign against violence. The band also performed at the United Nations meeting. The White House has recently been working with celebrities more often to address social problems.

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