Peru Adjusts Corona Death Toll and is Now the World’s Hardest Hit Country

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From 69,342 to 180,764 corona deaths in one fell swoop. In the South American country of Peru, the number of victims as a result of the virus has almost tripled.


That makes Peru the world’s hardest-hit country. Nowhere else have there been so many corona deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, international media report.

Authorities have so dramatically revised the death toll after a report from international experts. Due to a lack of test material, it was by no means always possible to determine whether someone had Covid-19 and whether that was the cause of death.

Therefore, the experts have looked at the excess mortality in the country and thus arrive at the adjusted death toll of more than 180,000 corona deaths.

Peru’s Prime Minister Violeta Bermudez said he feels obliged to share the information. The report comes at an unfortunate time, writes the New York Times. Peru’s presidential elections are just around the corner. The second round will be held on June 6.

Peru is now the world’s worst-hit country due to the revised death toll, data from John Hopkins University shows. With a population of about 32 million people, the country registered 500 corona deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.

Until now, Hungary, with 300 corona deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, was seen as the country where corona had wreaked havoc the most.

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