Pentagon: Danger at Kabul Airport Has Not Yet Passed

Pentagon: Danger at Kabul Airport Has Not Yet Passed

There is still a risk of attacks at the airport in the Afghan capital Kabul. However, a spokesman for the US Department of Defense warned against this on Monday. “We are in a perilous time,” said the spokesman on the eve of the departure of the last American troops from the airport.


The Pentagon continues to receive many threat reports, some more specific than others. For example, the Afghan-Pakistani branch of the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS-K) claimed another rocket attack on the airport on Monday.

The Pentagon confirmed that five missiles were fired, at least one of which was intercepted by air defences at the airport. As far as is known, there were no casualties.

According to unofficial sources, IS-K is also responsible for Thursday’s airport bombing, which killed 170 Afghans. Thirteen American soldiers also died in the attack.

The United States is still evacuating Afghans and Americans from Afghanistan. More than 122,000 people have now been collected from the country, including 5,400 American citizens.

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