Nuclear Energy does not Make Sense for African Countries

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Nuclear Energy does not Make Sense for African Countries. Several African countries want to build nuclear power plants. However, nuclear energy is expensive and puts these countries in financial trouble, says Hartmut Winkler, a physicist at the University of Johannesburg. He argues for sustainable energy sources, published by 99 News.


Currently, only one nuclear plant is operational in Africa, and that is Koeberg’s nuclear power station in South Africa. This plant accounts for 1.86 GW. If it is up to some African leaders, this is going to change.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni recently announced that his country plans to generate 30 GW of nuclear power by 2026. That is sixteen times the total amount of nuclear energy now generated on the African continent.

Uganda is just one of the African countries that are staring at nuclear energy. The Russian nuclear agency Rosatom claims that there are agreements with Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Sudan and Zambia to transfer nuclear power plants. Uganda is also on that list.

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