North Korea Conducts Ballistic Missile Test Again

North Korea Conducts Ballistic Missile Test Again

North Korea has fired another unidentified projectile. The Japanese Coast Guard and South Korean military said it is likely a ballistic missile.


The missile was launched off the east coast and landed outside Japanese territorial waters in the sea.

South Korea’s new president Yoon Suk-Yeol was sworn in on Tuesday. In his first speech, he immediately called for the “complete denuclearization” of North Korea. Yoon wants to be tougher on the neighbouring country than his predecessor did. However, he has not yet responded to Thursday’s rocket.

This is North Korea’s 16th missile test this year, after the 15th last Saturday. South Korea considers this a provocation. But, according to the United States, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is also preparing a nuclear test.

That would be the first time since 2017 that the country exercises nuclear weapons. In addition, Kim announced last month that he would significantly expand the stock of his weapon.

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