No Power Again to Old Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

No Power Again to Old Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

The old Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which partially exploded in 1986, has again been cut off from the power grid.


Ukrainian grid operator Ukrenergo reports that Russian troops have damaged the power supply and that the plant is therefore running on emergency generators again, just like last week. According to Ukraine, power is needed for the facilities that protect against radiation.

The nuclear power plant itself has not been generating electricity for years, but radioactive waste is still stored. Ukraine last week said it feared the release of radioactive radiation, but according to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), there was “no critical impact on safety”. Chernobyl suffered a major nuclear disaster in 1986.

The nearby village of Slavoetych, north of Kyiv, also has no electricity on Monday. Repairs to the power grid in the area controlled by Russian troops had already been carried out on Sunday. However, the grid operator reports that repairers have to go there again.

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