Nine Out of Ten British Corona Patients in Intensive Care Did Not Receive A Booster Shot

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Up to 90 percent of patients admitted to intensive care in the UK with Covid-19 had not received a booster vaccine. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday. Yet he again ruled out any hardening of the corona restrictions before New Year.


“Sad to say, but the vast majority of people admitted to intensive care in our hospitals are those who have not received a booster dose,” the British Prime Minister said on the brink of a visit to a vaccination centre. On December 22, 8,240 people with a covid infection were hospitalized in the country, of whom 842 had to be given a ventilator.

“I spoke to doctors who said that up to 90 percent of people in intensive care had not received a booster dose,” said the prime minister, who again called on the population to get a third shot. “If you’re not vaccinated, you’re on average eight times more likely to end up in the hospital,” Johnson emphasized.

England and Wales registered a record nearly 130,000 new corona cases on Tuesday. As a result, 57 percent of +12-year-olds have now received a booster dose in the UK. The aim is to give the entire population the third shot before the end of the year.

Unlike Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, where discotheques were closed, among other things, Johnson ruled out tougher restrictions in England. “The omicron variant continues to pose problems, we see cases increasing in hospitals, but the variant is clearly less malignant than the delta variant.” Instead, the prime minister called on the population to celebrate New Year in a “cautious” way.

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