Netanyahu May Try to Form A New Government

Netanyahu May Try to Form A New Government

Israeli outgoing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may be the first to attempt to form a government. This is expected to be a difficult job due to the fragmented political landscape.


Netanyahu’s Likud party became the largest in the March 23 elections but is dependent on allies with a quarter of the seats in parliament. The formation of a coalition is expected to be very difficult because there is no clear majority.

President Reuven Rivlin believes that no candidate has “a realistic chance” of a majority in parliament but is legally required to nominate someone. He has chosen Netanyahu after discussions with the party leaders because most parliamentarians have expressed a preference for him.

Based on that, Rivlin thinks that the outgoing prime minister of everyone has the most excellent chance of success.

If it is not possible to form a new government, new elections must be called. In that case, Israel residents must go to the polls for the fifth time in a short time. Last month’s parliamentary elections were the fourth in just two years.

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