Negotiator Frost: Continue to Work Hard for Brexit Deal

Negotiator Frost: Continue to Work Hard for Brexit Deal

British Brexit negotiator David Frost says he wants to continue working hard until the very last moment for a trade agreement with the European Union.


He wrote this on Twitter after his European counterpart Michel Barnier had announced that the entire negotiating team has again been out of quarantine and is travelling to London tonight. There, both sides meet again.

Frost reiterates that a deal must not compromise British sovereignty. He emphasizes that this means, among other things, that the United Kingdom itself can exercise control over its borders, determine how it provides subsidies and has control over its fishing grounds.

In doing so, he touches on the three major stumbling blocks in the negotiations.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also said that a trade agreement is still possible. He said the ball is with the EU.

According to Irish channel RTE, Barnier would like to make concessions on the right to fish in European waters. However, sources in the EU deny that.

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